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words and letters of praise

this section was created to allow a place to post some of the letters of praise that i have received from clients since starting this business. years i have been working. i would like to once again take a moment and offer my unending thanks to all...

from the vna foundation…

Mr. Goldman has been contracted by the VNA Foundation since 2002 as our website designer, manager and host. Since that time, Mr. Goldman has undertaken the design, uploading and  maintenance of two versions of our foundation’s site, and the most recent, completed almost one year ago, received a silver award from the 2005 Wilmer Shields Rich Award for Communications from the Council on Foundations. We were particularly pleased with the receipt of this award, not only because open communications is essential to our mission, but because our site competed nationally against more than 300 entries, many submitted by much larger foundations with plentiful resources for administrative expenses.

Not only is Mr. Goldman a gifted artist and computer whiz, he is adaptable, almost entirely unflappable and a true pleasure with whom to work. I, as the website contact for my foundation, have learned a great deal from working with Mr. Goldman but remain, sadly, quite ignorant regarding technology. Mr. Goldman has been able to take our ideas, weighed them with the needs and abilities of our often very grassroots constituents, and created an attractive, accessible, very functional document by which we can effectively communicate. For example, our grantees or potential grant seekers are able to go to the VNA Foundation website for basic answers, confidential inquiries, and technical assistance before contacting us directly. It is critical for both the interested party and our 2.5 person staff that our site is easy to find, uncomplicated to negotiate, and that the information is located quickly and presented accurately.

It is also quite apparent that Mr. Goldman stays abreast of new ideas and technology. He has been able to provide suggestions and make adaptations to our site that have been true timesavers for both myself and those seeking information from the site. Importantly, Mr. Goldman has been able to do much of this work without increasing our fees or charging additional time to our existing contract.

To sum, I would highly recommend Mr. Goldman as a web designer/master as well as a coworker and employee. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Claudia BaierProgram OfficerVNA Foundation

from the bradford exchange…

I have worked with Eric on a number of creative projects over the last few years. His expertise and consistency contributed to our growth as a division within the company. Eric is a technical professional of the highest caliber, who meticulously researches, formats, edits and proofs documents. Management and personnel in advertising and design praise his work. I have received many compliments from customers across the country that have commented on how well our advertisements show cased our products due to Eric’s contribution.

Eric is an innovative self-starter, who rarely needs supervision. He is punctual and typically exceeds expectations. He handles pressure well, and will voluntarily work overtime and take work home to meet many critical deadlines. For example, one of our licensors is the NFL. Due to the leagues comments, we had to make highly complicated revisions to the products featured in our advertisements. These modifications needed a 24-hour turn around time. Eric not only made the extremely tight deadline, but also beat it by several hours; yet he still created a stellar, and accurate product representation for our advertisement. Marketing, advertising, and design were quite impressed with Eric’s performance in this tense situation. This is just one example among many of Eric’s contributions that emphasized his superior skills and admirable work ethic.

Eric is an invaluable asset to any organization, and I highly recommend hiring him. If you’d like to discuss his attributes in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Benjamin TorresSenior Product ManagerThe Bradford Exchange

from nor-wood lifecare foundation…

I have had the opportunity to work with Eric Goldman over the past few years. The experience been overwhelmingly positive, and I would recommend his services to any organization looking for a fresh image from a great designer.

Eric has worked with our company on numerous projects. One of the advantages to working with Eric is the fact that he excels in many areas. Prior to working with Eric, our organization committed to a complete rebranding to keep us competitive. Eric expertly led us through the process of redesigning our corporate image across all medias. The recreation began with our logo, and led to a new website and a full set of new collateral materials. Additional projects have included full color annual reports and invitation design.

Personally, working with Eric has been a very pleasant experience. He works confidently under deadlines, is always reliable, and has a way of making my job very easy. Eric needs little direction, and has oftentimes has directed me!

I am constantly receiving compliments from Eric’s work from our clients. The pieces he creates are clean, creative, and professional. Thanks to Eric, we can now market our organization with a look that matches our excellent reputation.

Linda KregerDirector of MarketingNor-Wood Life Care, NFP

from leo burnett usa…

We were asked to give a presentation at a training program for our Client’s employees. Our plan was to take case studies we’d been involved with and present them in an interesting way. While we were confident we had the materials we needed for the content, we were not sure how to make it “look” like it came from a creative agency.

We were referred to Eric Goldman and told that he would be able to help – and did he ever!

Eric was prompt in getting back to me, which was critical given the extremely tight deadline we had to complete the presentation. When we spoke, he asked insightful questions to learn more about what we were looking for and was clearly eager to help. After talking through our needs, he instantly had great ideas for ways to “jazz” up the power point presentation and was open to feedback and suggestions.

He came up with an overarching theme to tie each of the case studies together and designed a template to make everything consistent yet unique for each brand. The design was interesting yet simple. It was the perfect balance to maintain someone’s interest without taking away from the content and message on each slide. He also incorporated video footage to make everything centrally housed in one area (making it much easier on us!).

He handled the project with complete professionalism and delivered everything we needed in record time. He was dedicated to working evenings and weekends; whatever it took to the job done. He even went above and beyond helping find video clips and artwork that we were missing, driving through rush-hour Chicago traffic to hand deliver the final presentation as I was walking out the door to jump on a plane, and was “on-call” the day of the presentation in case anything went wrong.

The presentation was a huge success, and we could not have done it without Eric’s help and expertise in this area.

I would highly recommend Eric and know that I will use him again in the future if this need arises.

Lisa KarshAccount SupervisorLeo Burnett USA